"Kiss," The Optimal Effect on Aging Delay & Skin Elasticity
"Kiss," The Optimal Effect on Aging Delay & Skin Elasticity
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CARD 1. What is saliva made of?

Saliva is produced from large glands such as the ‘submandibular gland’, ‘sublingual gland’, and ‘salivary gland’. Every day, an average of 1~1.5 liter of saliva is produced.

More than 90% of saliva is water and the remainder is composed of electrolytes, enzyme, various types of protein antibodies, and virus & bacteria that cause diseases.

CARD 2. An important role of being in charge of the immune system

The remaining components of saliva besides water have a significant influence on oral health. In particular, the protein histatin in the saliva quickly heals a wound and the opiorphin helps with pain reduction.

This is why a wound in the mouth heals faster than a wound on the skin.

Saliva includes a variety of viruses and plays a critical role in being in charge of the immune system of both the mouth and digestive apparatus.

Saliva also secretes digestive enzyme fluid to increase appetite and helps digestion through the quickening of decomposition.

CARD 3. Kiss that heightens immunity more than vaccination

In particular, when you kiss, you share up to a maximum of 80 million bacteria. Thus, I will say that a healthy kiss is an opportunity to increase immunity more effectively than vaccination.

According to one research result from the United States, an individual who enjoys kissing has a longer life span by 5 years. Furthermore, WHO has presented that kissing increases the white blood cell count.

CARD 4. Secretion of the anti-aging hormone, ‘Parotin’

Especially at the salivary gland that secrets the digestive juice, the so called anti-aging hormone, ‘parotin’, is secreted.

Thus, the more the parotin is secreted, vascular aging is prevented and skin becomes smoother. The amount of parotin is directly correlated to the amount of saliva secretion and this amount increases the more you exercise your teeth and tongue.

CARD 5. Deep kisses makes you healthier!

This is also the reason why you should chew your food well and kiss the person you love frequently.

Deep kisses in particular are told to secrete more parotin than light kisses. Hence, it is the right opportunity to gain two values of both finding one’s youth and recovering the vitality of life through one activity.

CARD 6. ’Kiss’ that increases facial skin elasticity through facial movements!

When you kiss, around 30 facial muscles including the lip peripheral muscles are utilized.

By exercising your facial muscles that generally have little movement, you can instantly increase blood flow, delay aging, and aid the recovery of skin elasticity.

CARD 7. The most natural anti-aging method!

Kiss is the best opportunity to discover healthy beauty by naturally exercising your muscles instead of depending on cosmetics or beauty treatments.

Furthermore, since the lips have no sebaceous glands and are thinner than other skin areas, they are easier to get dry. Thus, the increase in blood flow due to lip peripheral exercise is also the optimal method to heighten immunity of the lips.

CARD 8. Kiss, also effective for lips health

Therefore, kissing is a joyful expression of love as well as a healthy activity that uses countless senses of the lips, tongue, and the mucous membrane in the mouth.

Through this, you can rule over the inner mouth all together to increase immunity and also secure your skin & lips health.

CARD 9. Kiss time over food!

From now on, with the person we love, let us have a ‘kiss time’ every day like we eat three meals a day.

Through the active expression of love, an individual can gain the four benefits through one activity. Along with the deepening of affection, immunity will rise, skin elasticity will recover, and the aging process will be prevented.

But for this, let us also remember the fact that a healthy body is essential.

CARD 9. Kiss time over food!

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