T&I, “Meet luxurious scents of Europe at domestic hotels”
T&I, “Meet luxurious scents of Europe at domestic hotels”
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T&I, “Meet luxurious scents of Europe at domestic hotels”

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Hotel amenities of the famous perfume brands, Fragonard Parfumeur and Molton Brown, are catching popularity around the world.

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T&I, which exclusively imports hotel amenity of Fragonard and Molton Brown and distributes them through Hotel-In-Home said, "Consumers' responses are good in that they can easily experience famous European brand products without having to order overseas or visit stores."


Fragonard, according to T&I, is France's leading perfume brand, called as the "universe of

fragrance." Fragonard was founded in 1926 in the town of Grasse, France. Grasse is an area where scented flowers have been planted to remove odors from leather craft and is also known as the perfume maker with the oldest tradition there.


The brand name originated from the name of a well-known painter of the soft and elegant Rococo era, Jean-Honoré Fragonard. Currently, Fragonard is receiving a lot of love as hotel toiletries. Among the hotels in Korea, Hyundai Hotel Ulsan is being supplied with it, and so is the Asiana Airlines VIP lounge.


England’s Molton Brown is also known as the "Buckingham Palace’s Favorite" for its Royal Warrant certification, which is granted to products stocked up in the palace. It is distinctive for blending a unique scent of ingredients from around the world in a British favor. Besides, it is famous for not conducting animal testing but enforcing the environmentally-friendly policy by using recycled plastic containers for all the products.


Molton Brown is one of the best hotel toiletries among many and is mainly distributed to luxury hotels all over the globe.


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