[Deep Dive into Plastic Surgery Side Effects] Solutions to crooked nose & nasal congestion from nasal fracture reduction
[Deep Dive into Plastic Surgery Side Effects] Solutions to crooked nose & nasal congestion from nasal fracture reduction
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CARD 1. Reduction after Nasal Bone Fracture

Because the human nose is the most protruding part of the face but weaker than other facial skeletons, it can be fractured even by a minor impact. Side effects such as a crooked nose, hooked nose, and nasal congestion may occur if a fracture is left untreated or reduction (surgery for fixing a fracture, dislocation, or a prolapse) is performed.

With the help of Yong-Hae Seong, the director of the GNG Clinic, here are solutions to dealing with nasal bone fracture and possible side effects of fracture reduction.

CARD 2. A case of crooked nose and nasal congestion after nasal fracture reduction

# Mr. H (27-years-old) was hit on the nose while trying to stop a fight between his friends a year ago. He had visited a hospital nearby and was diagnosed with nasal fracture through x-ray and CT (computed tomography) scans. Two weeks later, he had a reduction that pushes up the sunken part of the bone into a normal level. However, his nose began to crook over time, turning in to a hooked nose where the center part of the bone sticks out. Also, the symptoms of nasal congestion worsened enough to interfere with daily life.

CARD 3. Symptoms of nasal bone fracture

If pain when touching the nose, worsening of swelling around the nose over time, or bleeding occurred, then nasal bone fracture or damage in inner tissues is suspected. If the fracture is severe, a sunken or crooked nose can be clearly noticed.

Also, you may feel the bone not aligned to itself and hear a click when you touch the nose. Even if the fracture seems fine externally when it is mild or just a linear one, accurate tests are essential because deformity may occur inside and outside the nose over time.

CARD 4. Steps to take when nasal bone fracture is suspected

Avoid any irritation such as constantly touching or blowing your nose and visit a hospital where accurate diagnosis and treatment are possible. To stop the bleeding, slightly tilt your head forward and pinch the soft part of your nose tip with index finger and thumb for 10 minutes.

If not life-threatening situations such as serious traffic accident, coma, or difficulty in breathing, it is better to visit nearby ENT or plastic surgery clinics for a quick consultation within one or two days of onset, instead of the emergency room or university hospitals.

CARD 5. What to consider when choosing a hospital for nasal bone fracture

You must check if the clinic has a facial 3D CT scan, a system where operation or treatment can be performed right after check-ups, and a skilled medical team. You can receive treatment through a surgical reduction within 10 minutes if you fast for anesthesia or surgery before visiting the clinic. The faster you receive the treatment (within 10 days), the faster recovery and better results you can have.

CARD 6. In case of severe nasal bone fracture

If the fracture is severe, the function and shape cannot be perfectly fixed with reduction alone. Depending on the fractured direction and shape, rhinoplasty may be necessary. If dislocation or fracture of septal cartilage occurred, septoplasty may be needed.

CARD 7. In case of mild nasal bone fracture

Even though there are no apparent problems in case of a mild fracture or a crack, there can be an internal/external deformation of the nose over time. Hence, an accurate examination is highly recommended.

CARD 8. Possible side effects of nasal fracture reduction 

Reduction without accurately understanding the patient’s condition can cause aesthetically dissatisfying results like a crooked or hooked nose followed by undesirable shaping. Also, nasal congestion may occur due to adhesion of the damaged tissues of the septum and mucus membrane.

CARD 9. Solutions to crooked or hooked nose and nasal congestion after reduction

Have rhinoplasty that considers both functional and aesthetic results all at once after identifying diseases such as inferior turbinate hypertrophy, sinusitis, septal deviation, and nasal valve collapse through CT scan and X-ray.

The surgery for resolving aesthetic or functional problems after reduction is not usually included in the revision cost; however, there can be an additional cost since it takes a great deal of time and is difficult. After the surgery, a certain period for treatment and monitoring over time are required.

CARD 10. Advice: Dr. Yong-Hae Seong, Director of the GNG Clinic

“Because surgical reduction for nasal fracture does not require complicated techniques, a CT scan to accurately detect the site of the fracture and a system for immediate treatment are more important than a doctor’s experience and skills. If a crooked nose, hooked nose, or stuffy nose occurred after reduction, you need a check-up with CT scans and X-rays and then have a rhinoplasty, which considers both functional and aesthetic problems.”

•This post is created from the article published on August 6. 


•Medical advice: Dr. Yong-Hae Seong, GNG Clinic, Medical Advisor for K-Health 


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