[Deep Dive into Plastic Surgery Side Effects] Solutions to Pain and Adverse Events after Chin Implant Operation
[Deep Dive into Plastic Surgery Side Effects] Solutions to Pain and Adverse Events after Chin Implant Operation
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CARD 1 The cause of being seen as if having a protruding mouth is the short chin

The protruding mouth seems to be common among Asians due to the symptoms of short chins(Microgenia). Also, many people have both a protruding mouth and a short chin. Chin implant surgery makes the mouth look receded and harmonized, but pain and adverse events often occur over time. Dr. Sang-hoon Park of the ID Clinic explained the relation between protruding mouth and short chin, as well as the possible side effects of the short chin surgery.

CARD 2 .A case of side effects after chin augmentation with implants

Ms. S (31-year-old) has no facial volume but a small retracted lower jaw, which makes her mouth look protruded. After facial fat transplantation and chin implant operation seven years ago, she was satisfied with the natural and beautiful appearance. Although she felt pain around her chin whenever she was tired, she thought of it as no big deal since the pain was temporary. However, about two months ago, the pain began to occur more frequently. She had looked up on the Internet and was scared to see that bone erosion from the implant can lead to toothaches at worst.

CARD 3 The relation between protruding mouth and the short chin

The symptoms of the short chin and protruding mouth are often confused with because of the tip of the chin setting back due to protruded mouth, or conversely, the mouth looking protruded due to small and undersized lower jaw. Protruding mouth and short chin are different symptoms, but mouth and chin are cosmetically correlated.

CARD 4 Differences between protruding mouth and the short chin

In terms of protruding mouth, many people know for themselves whether the causes of symptoms are the teeth or gums. On the other hand, the key features of short chins are walnut-like wrinkles and thick lower lips. Also, the short chin is when the vertical line from the glabella—looked at from the side—is more than 3mm apart from the tip of the chin. It is vital to find the most suitable surgical method by consulting with a doctor after a detailed examination like a cephalometric x-ray before surgery.

CARD 5 Discomfort from the short chin and protruding mouth

Usually, the purpose of surgery is to improve cosmetic complaints. However, about 10~20% of the cases are difficulty in properly chewing due to malocclusion, causing problems in the digestive system and inaccurate pronunciation. A severe short chin blocks the airways, leading to snoring and sleep apnea.

CARD 6 Ways to improve short chin symptoms

For mild short chins requiring about 4mm of volume, chin fillers or silicone implants can be used. But for the patients with severe short chins that need more than 6mm of volume or with difficulty in closing their mouths, then advancement genioplasty, a facial bone contouring surgery, is practical.

CARD 7 Patients with short chins who suffer from snoring and sleep apnea

It is necessary to verify if the lower jawbone and teeth are abnormally placed at the back. It is because snoring and sleep apnea may occur when the genioglossus muscle connected to the inner part of the jawbone presses the airway and hinder the airflow. Improvements in symptoms are anticipated when the genioglossus muscle advancement is performed with the genioplasty.

CARD 8 Side effects from chin augmentation with implants

Any surgery with implants can cause inflammation. Also, when the implant moves due to the movement of the chin tip, the shape of the jaw changes, or bone erosion may occur, resulting in a decrease in sensation and pain as it approaches the dental nerve or the inferior alveolar nerve.  Generally, side effects occur when surgery is performed without checking the degree of force acting on the chin tip muscles before surgery with an implant of 6mm or more.

CARD 9 Solutions to pain from chin implants

Through 3D computed tomography (CT) scan, it is necessary to determine the position of implants and nerve lines in the jawbone, gum disease, and tooth problems. If bone erosion or nerve irritation occurs due to the movement of the implant, removal of the implant, and a chin advancement are effective. However, if there was an external shock such as a bump, it is better to wait while taking painkillers and antibiotics for about two weeks rather than having hasty surgery. Then seek a treatment method after follow-up.

CARD 10 Advice: Dr. Sang-hoon Park, of the ID Clinic

“Protruded mouth feel and symptoms of the short chin can be improved by chin implant surgery. However, it is necessary to make an operation plan considering various factors like teeth. So, it is most important to first understand your condition through examinations from various departments such as dentistry, plastic surgery, and sleep clinic.”

•This post is created from the article published on September 17. 


•Medical advice: Dr. Sang-Hoon Park, ID Hospital, Medical Advisor for K-Health 


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