[Deep Dive into Plastic Surgery Side Effects] Solutions to Breast Implant Rippling & Displacement after Mammoplasty
[Deep Dive into Plastic Surgery Side Effects] Solutions to Breast Implant Rippling & Displacement after Mammoplasty
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CARD1. Mammoplasty in which individual body characteristics are essential

With the rising number of women preferring large breasts and beautiful body shapes, performing mammoplasty is growing each year. You can easily find information through internet cafes and plastic surgery apps, but there is limited access to vital information such as surgery methods, results, and side effects depending on individual physical characteristics. Dr. Ki-kap Kim, of the U&U Plastic Surgery, spoke about the side effects of mammoplasty and its solutions.

CARD2. A Case of Side Effects after Breast Augmentation

# Four years ago, Ms. A (24 years old), whose breasts had been small with a slightly sunken chest (AKA pectus excavatum, a congenital deformity of the sunken front chest) since adolescence, underwent breast augmentation with 335cc of droplet-shaped breast implants at the E plastic surgery clinic near Apgujeongstation. Later, rippling (visible crease of implants) around the cleavage appeared, and the distortion of implants became noticeable as chest muscles moved when flexing the arms. Doctor K-who had never mentioned any side effects before the surgery-recommended her fat graft surgery as he said the prosthesis became noticeable because of her thin skin. Despite his irresponsible care, she could not complain more due to the good discount he offered.

CARD3. Checklist for Mammoplasty Consultation

It is good to have objective and accurate prior information about mammoplasty and to discuss with a specialist the type and size of the implant and the surgical method that is most suitable for you. In particular, it is essential to accurately recognize your body shape and surgical limits by checking the shape of the rib cage, nipple positions, sagging of the chest, the thickness of the subcutaneous tissue (skin), and the desired volume.

CARD4. Differences in surgical methods depending on thoracic and breast shapes

If the thorax is sunken, implants may flow inward, and, in severe cases, symmastia (a phenomenon in which both breasts stick together in the middle of the chest) may develop. The advice is to perform a limited medial dissection so that the distance between the implants is more than 2cm apart and insert the implant with a narrow diameter. On the other hand, for those with pigeon chests (the pushed-out chest because of the protruded sternum), it is more satisfactory when an implant with a wide diameter and sufficient volume is used.

CARD5. What is rippling in breast implants?

It is the phenomenon that the wrinkles of the implant inside the body are visible on the skin. It is very likely to occur when the implant saline had leaked, or cohesive gel implants with a low filling rate were used. For those with thin subcutaneous tissues, using an implant of high filling rate and small diameter and inserting it under the pectoralis major muscle (double plane method) are recommended.

CARD6. What is an animation deformity?

Animation deformity is the implant deforming when moved the chest muscle. It appears when the implant is inserted under the pectoralis major muscle (chest muscle) but is not usually noticeable. However, it is visible if the subcutaneous tissues are thin or the operation was performed without considering the patient's muscle tone. Since the muscle tone is hard to check accurately before surgery, the side effect is preventable through manipulations such as dissection to relieve muscle tone during surgery.

CARD7. Ways to improve the rippling and the animation deformity Ms. A complains of

If rippling and animation deformity occurred due to the thin skin, then fat or artificial dermis transplantation that thickens the tissues can be used. If a revision is required, it is safer to change the implant insertion site and replace it with an implant of a small diameter and size. Decreasing the muscle tone in the areas where strong pressure is applied helps with animation deformity.

CARD8. Onset point of rippling and animation deformity

These effects may occur when large implants are inserted into the wrong areas just for bigger breasts without considering the physical characteristics. Animation deformity usually appears within 1 to 2 years as the swelling disappears after surgery, whereas rippling may occur several years later due to mammary gland regression and dermal thickness reduction over time. Hence you should check if the clinic has set a treatment and management period.

CARD9. Dr. Ki-kap Kim, of the U&U Plastic Surgery, a member of the K-Health advisory committee on cosmetic surgery

“If you want to have mammoplasty, you must carefully diagnose your physical condition with an expert and make an appropriate surgery plan before relying on the information on plastic surgery apps.”

CARD10. TIP. Agreement and conciliation with a clinic

“According to a court precedent, the duty is imposed on the doctor to explain in detail how much the patient's appearance will change after surgery, in the case of cosmetic plastic surgery,” Attorney Seon-ho Lee of the Yeon Woo Legal Professional Association advised. “If not informed of the side effects and sequela, you can claim compensation for violating the obligation to explain, and this has nothing to do with the amount you paid for the operation.”

•This post is created from the article published on December 11. 


•Medical advice: Director Ki-kap Kim, appointed as a K-Health’s advisory committee member on cosmetic surgery


Reporter Ji-Sun Sim


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