[DISCUSSION] The future and meaning of the needleless injector invention
[DISCUSSION] The future and meaning of the needleless injector invention
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Mirajet, the innovative technology that takes K-medi to the next level
Nearly painless and the injection volume is precisely controlled
Possible indications vary like whitening, anti-aging, scar, hair loss, etc
(left to right) Prof. Huh Chang-Hun, Seo Goo-il a dermatologist, Seo Suk-Bae a dermatologist
(left to right) Prof. Huh Chang-Hun, Seo Goo-il a dermatologist, Seo Suk-Bae a dermatologist

As the world's first "needleless injector" is commercialized, it is expected to step up the K-medi system. This technology, which is considered innovative, is gaining attention from medical staff, as well as patients, all over the world. The "needleless injector" is an opportunity for Korea to promote the excellence of Korea's medical technology globally and gives Korea a chance to lead the world's medical device market.

Currently, clinical testing and research are being actively progressed by dermatologists in Korea. We have looked through the discussion about the needleless injector's value with Huh Chang-Hun a professor of the dermatology department at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Seo Goo-Il a dermatologist (Modelo Dermatology Clinic, President of The Korean Society for Aesthetic and Dermatologic Surgery), and Seo Suk-Bae a dermatologist (Seo-A-Song Dermatology Clinic).

Reporter Han Jung-Sun: The "needleless injector" was invented for the first time in the world. What are the value and significance?

Professor Huh Chang-Hun: The meaning and role of needleless have become very important in modern medicine. But the fear of the needle makes people try to avoid it as much as possible. For this reason, even though injection drugs are the fastest and most efficient way to work, most drugs are developed as edible drugs. Therefore, I think this technology, which can make the same effects as needle injectors without a needle and causes almost no pain, is a great invention.

Reporter Han: What is the operational principle of "Mirajet," a needleless injector?

Prof. Huh: Mirajet uses the explosion by lasers. This inside of the nozzle of Mirajet has two rooms separated by the septal membrane. When the laser explodes in the upper room filled with water, the explosive pressure is delivered to the lower room filled with the drugs through the membrane and generate injecting pressure. The speed of injection is very fast, about 40 times a second, and nearly painless. It is also possible to control the injection volume minutely.


injecting Mirajet injector Before(left) and After(right) : skin elasticity and regeneration
Mirajet injector Before(left) and After(right): skin elasticity and regeneration

Reporter Han: What is the merit compared to other injecting devices?

Dr. Seo Goo-Il: The injection volume is uniform and small, so we cannot see the unevenness of the skin that can easily found after a conventional needle injection. In addition, the injection speed is faster, and the treatment time decreased by more than 50%. The bruises after needle injection are severe and recovery time is required for at least 1 to 2 weeks, but in the case of Mirajet, it will recover in 4 to 7 days.

Reporter Han: You've bought the world's first commercialized Mirajet system and applied it to the facial anti-aging treatment, how was the effect of it?

Dr. Seo Goo-Il: There were many failures and mistakes when I used the Mirajet in early 2020. But now we have found optimal parameters to get satisfying results even with low power through many trials. Especially, this treatment is optimized for those aged the 40s to 50s who are concerned about skin elasticity and regeneration that cannot be obtained with Botox or fillers treatment alone.

Mirajet injector Before(left) and After(right): improvement of stretchmarks on the belly
Mirajet injector Before(left) and After(right): improvement of stretchmarks on the belly

Reporter Han: Recently, we have heard the Mirajet has been effective for stretchmarks treatment. How do you treat and what is the specific effect?

Dr. Seo Duk-Bae: Stretchmark is a skin condition that appears when the dermal tissue is stretched severely, and dermal fibrous tissues are cut off and unrecovered. Especially stretchmarks caused by pregnancy occur due to the elastic fiber's damage, and it was not easy to improve elastic tissue with a conventional method. But "Poly Lactic acid (PLLA)" itself injected into the dermis and physical stimulation of the dermis with Mirajet make the recovery of elastic tissue and dermis. The results differ according to the patient's skin condition, but we could get a good result with several treatment sessions with several weeks' intervals in stretch marks, which is not easy to treat with conventional methods.

Reporter Han: What kind of medications can be used with Mirajet?

Dr. Seo Goo-il: Not only hyaluronic acid (HA) filler, which is the most common, collagen stimulator such as JuveLook, and skin rejuvenation solutions known as skin boosters can be injected.

Reporter Han: What kind of skin diseases can be treated with Mirajet?

Dr. Seo Suk-Bae: Many kinds of medications can be injected precisely at high speed, indications vary including skin whitening, anti-aging, melasma, recovery of elasticity, dilated pores, scars, hair loss, etc. It is believed that delicate drug injection can be applied even to skin cancer treatment.

Mirajet injector Before(left) and After(right) : recovering acne scar
Mirajet injector Before(left) and After(right): recovering acne scar

Reporter Han: What are the limitations and improvements of Mirajet so far?

Prof. Huh: The merits that injection volume can be controlled minutely might turn to limitations in case of large volume is needed. In that case, it can be corrected by repeated injections, but if a diluted large volume injection is required, treatment time might be longer. Nonetheless, these limitations can be overcome with the use of customized medications and fillers.

Reporter Han: What are the plans or prospects for the future of the “needleless injector?"

Prof. Huh: With verification of efficacy through many clinical trials, I will try to establish standard treatment protocols, because this is a Korean technology developed for the first time in the world.

Dr. Seo Goo-il: I would like to minimize the disruption in the daily life of the patients after the treatment, through the development of treatment methods that might be effective with low power.

Dr. Seo Suk-Bae: Personally, I think a mirajet nozzle that makes dispersed droplets is more useful and less painful. Also, I hope to get a low-cost disposable and an entry-level mirajet with an affordable price soon.

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