Cellreturn LED Mask, Skin Safety Grade ‘Very Good’
Cellreturn LED Mask, Skin Safety Grade ‘Very Good’
  • Cosmetics expert Han Jung-sun (fk0824@k-health.com)
  • 승인 2019.11.01 16:47
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Clinical trials show improvement effects such as acne and agglut

The home beauty device market has been on the rising path as the demand of the so called ‘home beauty’ people who manage their skin at home themselves have increased in number. The most important factor to consider in evaluating these products is solid effectiveness and stability. The recent Cell Return LED mask has satisfied both factors and has taken the attention of the consumers.

The LED Mask market has reached the size of 500 billion won last year and has showed a rapid growth rate of more than 10 percent annually as the high competition between the companies is expected to continue into the future. Many type of products have appealed to the consumers by focusing on techniques and effects but Cell Return has sustained its unique growth rate even among them and has attracted big response from the consumers.

In order to earn the trust of its consumers, Cell Return has been the only company in its industry to adopt the LED analyzing equipment to ▲measure the validity of LED wavelengths value ▲analyze module package ▲measure light efficiency of each peak wavelength ▲measure 3D orientation angle ▲measure penetration rate of product material, thereby carrying out a differentiated product management.

Furthermore, Cell Return has carried out clinical test results and safety tests of LED mask blue wavelengths over the past month to prove the effectiveness of the LED mask products.

In the latest clinical trial, a dermatologist working as a professor at D University hospital became the director of the experiment to measure the results and changes for people with acne-type skin. The main categories of measurement were visual evaluation of acne lesions, scale assessment of an acne condition, and the measurement of the number and ratio of sebum.

According to the test results, after 4 weeks of product usage, improvements could be seen regarding the Comedones which are non-inflammatory lesions, Papules which are inflammatory lesions, and Pustules. The number of sebums in the cheek area (-34.66%) and the amount of sebum of the forehead area (-27.09%) declined significantly in particular.

As a result, it was concluded that the blue wavelength of the Cell Return LED Mask is suitable for all subjects of the test. Furthermore, it has a low probability of spleen formation in acne-prone skin and a skin safety grade of "very safe."

A representative of Cell Return said, “we are at least very confident in Cell Return’s technology due to having persistently researched the LED since 2014 in which LED mask market had just developed.” He further claimed that “unlike the other companies that commonly use easily made LED, Cell Return has used a LED that was developed at its technology labs by the LED analysing equipment to produce the most effective wavelength on the skin. The consumers have supported Cell Return because they were able to see these effects.”

Meanwhile, Cell Return plans to take another step to become a global beauty health care corporation by diversifying its health care business through the release of new products that range from ‘hair alpha ray’ for hair loss treatment to ‘neck clay’ which aims to improve the wrinkles in the neck.


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