Luxury toothpaste at hotels arrive at the bathroom of our homes
Luxury toothpaste at hotels arrive at the bathroom of our homes
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T & I releases ‘pure aloalo’ luxury toothpaste

Healthy toothpaste which minimized hazardous substances
T&I, a hotel amenities expert cosmetics company (, has gained popularity among consumers for releasing a healthy toothpaste that does not contain the 8 types of hazardous substances.

Why is aloalo a pure toothpaste?
The ‘aloalo’ pure toothpaste released this time has excluded the tar pigment, which can be extracted from oil and may cause behavioural disorder and asthma. The toothpaste also does not include parabens, a synthetic preservative that is an endocrine disruptor and a cause of breast cancer. Furthermore, it has also left out the ‘mineral oils’ that are refined from oil and controversial in nature regarding their harmfulness. It also contains no ethanol, an alcohol constituent which is harmful to xerostomia.

Toothpaste which can be trusted by all ages
Besides these, both triclosan, which is said to instigate liver cancer despite its antibacterial function, and microbead, which can be accumulated in the body by being embedded in the gums as microplastic granules, cannot be found in the toothpaste. T&I has further excluded substances such as ‘CMIT’ ‘MIT’ which have been disputed several years ago for aggravating the skin and respiratory system as a humidifier disinfectant. Thus, T&I has emphasized that ‘aloalo’ is a toothpaste that can be trusted and used by users all ages from children to adults.

The toothpaste that strengths the teeth.
Aloalo pure toothpaste has excluded hazardous substances and instead added variety of substances that help the oral health.
In particular, the vitamin E that was added to the toothpaste quickens the blood circulation and helps prevent both periodontitis and gum infection. Furthermore, the aloe plant substance sustains oral hygiene and xylitol helps eradicate bacteria that causes cavities.

Aloalo pure toothpaste that can be used reliably
An associate from T&I has revealed that T&I “has been putting effort in developing a trustworthy toothpaste that can be used by the whole family and has been able to introduce the toothpaste used at hotels to users’ homes.”

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