“Skin concerns, now solve them conveniently at your home”
“Skin concerns, now solve them conveniently at your home”
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Cell Return, LED mask releases ‘Neckle RAY Plus’ after ‘Platinum’


CARD 1. Change of seasons that needs more careful attention to skin management

It’s a season where the skin is irritated two-folds by the cold wind that blows from morning to night and the sunlight that shines during the day. The tired skin meets another obstacle before even recovering from the summer season. It is the time when moisturizing and careful skin treatment are needed along with basic skin care.

CARD 2. Skin treatment at home with Cell Return ‘LED mask’

In particular, if you use household-use beauty devices well, you can save both time and money but also see effective results conveniently at your house. Among such devices, the one that is receiving the most attention is of course the ‘LED mask’. Cell Return has already captured skin elasticity and regenerative effects provided by near-infrared rays and red wavelengths to successfully develop its LED mask and step up to become a forerunner in its industry through the diversification of its product line.

CARD 3. Near-infrared rays proved to have skin regeneration effects

A team of researchers from America’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in 1999 researched skin regeneration from near-infrared rays in order to develop skin treatments. As a result, they proved the skin regeneration effects for skin damage caused by injuries. Red wavelengths also stimulate the dermal layer of the skin to help cell production and is effective in skin elasticity and regeneration.

CARD 4. Cell Return ‘Platinum’, a collective package of technology and know-hows

If you want to take one step further and hope to experience a variety of LED’s wavelengths in one sitting, I recommend you Cell Return ‘Platinum’. Cell Return Platinum is a product made from the accumulation of Cell Return’s long history of research in technology and know-hows, confidently showing a total of 1026 LEDs which is the highest in the industry.

CARD 5. The only LED mask that allows the option to choose between open-type & closed-type

Furthermore, it is the only LED mask that allows its users to choose from open-type and closed type and also freely use 4 different modes: ▲red mode that uses red wavelengths and near-infrared rays, ▲blue mode that uses blue wavelengths, ▲pink mode that uses red and blue mode at the same time, and ▲the newly added fast mode.

CARD 6. Closed-mode enables skin treatment in mere 9 minutes

Fast mode in particular is composed of 7 minutes of red mode, 1 minute of blue mode, and 1 minute of pink mode, enabling a quick and focused treatment in only 9 minutes. In addition, for the modern people familiar with mobile phones, the mobile linkage function has been added to check usage time, record one’s changing appearance, and register one’s product. Furthermore, the user can also gather points depending on usage time and enable smart product care through Bluetooth connection.

CARD 7. Cell Return releases ‘Neckle RAY Plus’ with strengthened neck wrinkles care function

Neck wrinkles are certainly the symbol of aging. There is a saying that neck wrinkles cannot hide your age. The neck actually has less sebaceous glands than the face so wrinkles are more likely to form. If you want to manage your neck wrinkles more conveniently and easily, give your attention to Cell Return ‘Neckle RAY Plus’. Cell Return has once more upgraded the function of LED neck-use device ‘Neckle RAY’ that was originally released recently to ‘Neckle RAY Plus’.

CARD 8. Application of Cell Return’s unique ‘LED module patent technology’

Neckle RAY Plus is a product that applies Cell Return’s unique ‘LED module patent technology’ with skin effective wavelengths coming from 360 degrees, enabling skin care of even the back of your neck. Furthermore, as blue wavelength LEDs have skin relief effects, it has installed a total of 459 blue wavelength LEDs to optimize its effects, which is 153 more than that of the original Neckle RAY. Neckle RAY Plus is also linked to mobile with an application to enable the user to check changes in his or her neck wrinkles in real-time as well as usage time. It has offered further convenience in usage though its single button activation method.

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