“A more effective skin care through light therapy”
“A more effective skin care through light therapy”
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Consumers’ spotlight on Cell Return’s ‘Platinum LED mask’


CARD 1. Spotlight on the beauty device that utilizes LED technology

The beauty device that recently suggested LED technology as the new solution to skin care has been receiving the spotlight. However, the concept of skin conditions improving due to light is yet strange to the public. This is because the public has continuously been told that in order to prevent skin aging and various skin diseases, they have to put on sun cream and minimize the exposure to sunlight.

CARD 2. Finsen wins the Nobel Prize for utilizing light radiation for skin disease treatment

Skin disease treatment using light was officially accepted after Finsen (Niels Ryberg Finsen, Denmark, 1860~1904) discovered that when a patient suffering from smallpox was exposed to purple wavelengths and red light for an extended period of time, small pox marks would not appear and pyoderma was prevented. Finsen was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 1903 for his role in utilizing light radiation for skin disease treatment.

CARD 3. Nature posts contents covering near-infrared ray effects

Nature as well explained that near-infrared rays prevent aging of the cells, recover damaged cells or tissues, and slow outbreaks of degenerative diseases through a research titled, ‘Heating glow light can prevent cells from killing themselves’, which was covered in the 2006 October issue.

CARD 4. America’s FDA allows LED device for medical use

Furthermore, according to research reports from various nations, LED treatment has been revealed to have effects in skin purification, wound size reduction, promotion of growth in fibroblasts, and improvements in skin diseases such as keratosis pilaris, acnes, atopy, and facial flushing. In addition to this, America’s FDA has allowed the LED device for medical use as the LED device has been proven in its removal of harmful UV and infrared rays and its safety, efficacy, and little side effects.

CARD 5. Spotlight on ‘Cell Return’s Platinum LED mask’

And in this status quo, the beauty device of ‘Cell Return’ is leading the market. We have therefore explored ‘Cell Return’s Platinum LED mask’, the representative product of Cell Return, to discover why it has received such an incomparable response and support from its consumers.

CARD 6. Direct application of near-infrared rays, red wavelengths, and blue wavelengths on the skin

Cell Return’s Platinum LED mask directly applies on the skin the near-infrared rays, red wavelengths, and blue wavelengths made by the LED module. The diverse wavelengths are applied on the mitochondria that plays the role of an energy powerplant for the cells and increase the fibroblast cells that are fibers making up the skin. Fibroblast cells assist in skin elasticity regeneration and are effective in mitigation of wrinkles, elasticity, whitening, and skin troubles.

CARD 7. Skin safety rating of Platinum determined ‘very good’

Blue wavelengths in particular are very effective in acne and pustule improvement. According to the clinical trial and safety evaluation test carried out by Cell Return, non-inflammatory lesions in acne and inflammatory lesions in papules and pustules improved after 4 weeks of use of Cell Return’s product. Furthermore, the amount of sebum on the cheeks and forehead significantly decreased by 34.66% and 27.09% respectively. The product ultimately scored ‘very good’ in the skin safety rating.

CARD 7. Cell Return boasts the highest number of 1026 LEDs in its industry

This is due to the support of Cell Return’s technological power. Cell Return has been the only company in its industry to introduce to its system LED analysis equipment to precisely manage its products through ▲effective value measurement of LED wavelengths, ▲module package analysis, ▲light efficiency measurement by peak wavelengths, ▲three-dimensional orientation angle measurement, and ▲product material permeability measurement. It has further used 342 of each near-infrared rays, red wavelengths, and blue wavelengths to total a 1042 number of LED modules, boasting the highest number of LEDs in its industry.

CARD 7. Anticipate the same effect on most users

For cosmetics, as every individual has different skin structure and immunity status, the resulting effects are different. However, Cell Return’s Platinum LED mask developed with an advanced technology emits a variety of wavelengths that uniformly improves almost all users’ skin conditions. Therefore, Cell Return’s Platinum LED mask is anticipated to provide the resulting effect beyond expectations for users who may be tired of having put an excessive amount of effort in their skin care.

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