Scalp health care for the winter season, the answer is Cell Return ‘Alpha Ray’
Scalp health care for the winter season, the answer is Cell Return ‘Alpha Ray’
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CARD 1. During winter, hair loss symptoms worsen

According to Korean Society of Hair Restoration Treatment (KSHRT), Korea's hair loss market is approaching 2~4 trillion won and the number of hair loss patients is estimated to be around 10 million as well.

Especially in winter, hair loss symptoms can arise more easily as hair gets dryer due to extreme temperature differences of indoors and outdoors.

CARD 2. Surge of popularity for hair care items with preventive purposes

Testosterone, which is a male hormone that affects hair loss, can cause hair loss for both men and women, so it is no longer just a concern of men.

For people of the modern age that live under constant stress, hair loss is their most critical weak point. Thus, items that help hair care through preventive measures has become popular.

CARD 3. Cell Return releases ‘Hair Alpha Ray’ that applies LED module patent technology

Among them, ‘Hair Alpha Ray’, a beauty device for hair-use that applies ‘LED module patent technology’ has recently become the trending topic. The patent technology was developed by Cell Return, a Korean beauty & healthcare expert company, through a long period of research in order to quicken the output of effective wavelengths on the skin.

CARD 4. Equipped with a total of 720 LEDs,
which is far more than other companies

The recently released ‘Alpha Ray Premium’ has 240 near-infrared rays, 240 near-infrared alpha rays, and 240 red wavelengths, totaling a sum of 720 LEDs. This amount of LED usage is far more than that of any other company.

CARD 5. Possible to choose between three

modes of power·normal·soft

Furthermore, unlike other companies that has only adopted a single wavelength, Cell Return has adopted 3 wavelengths, enabling diverse scalp care and allowing users to choose from a total of 3 modes which are power mode, normal mode, and soft mode depending on the conditions of their scalp. The device was made with a circular button for anyone to use with ease.

CARD 6. Upgrade of product effectiveness &LED quality through exceptional technology

Cell Return has ensured product effectiveness through the utilization of LED wavelength values calculated at its technology research center.

Product effectiveness and LED quality was both heightened through methods such as ▲introduction of LED analysis equipment ▲analysis of LED module package ▲measurement of wavelength value’s effectiveness ▲measurement of light efficiency for each peak wavelength ▲three-dimensional orientational angle measurement ▲measurement of material permeability of products.

CARD 7. All core levels of business

ranging from research & development,

manufacturing, to A/S managed by the headquarters

In particular, Cell Return’s headquarters independently carries out all of core business activities which include research & development, manufacturing, shipping and even A/S. By doing so, the consumers have given Cell Return their trust in the product’s effectiveness and quality.

Cell Return’s ‘Hair Alpha Ray’ is the end result of the company’s continuous R&D activities. Because the product enables an overall scalp care and hair care, it has also given hope to many of the consumers who are worried with hair loss.

CARD 9. Cell Return has developed the world’s first LED mask that utilizes phototherapy

In the meantime, Cell Return opened up a new market by releasing the 1st generation of LED mask in 2014 as a global front runner.

LED mask is a revolutionary product that enables expensive treatments, which were only possible in dermatology clinics, at home. Furthermore, it cures the damaged skin by quickening the biochemical reaction underneath the skin.

Recently, Cell Return is expanding the market by releasing LED beauty devices which utilize such phototherapy treatment methods for neck and scalp use.

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