Among the globally popular beauty devices … the move of “Cellreturn” stands out
Among the globally popular beauty devices … the move of “Cellreturn” stands out
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CARD 1. Dry Winter… Red-Light on Skin Health

The frigid wind blows as if trying to stab us through our coats. During the winter, our skin quickly gets dried due to the cold weather decreasing the production of sweat and sebum, breaking the skin balance. If the skin is once aged, it takes a long time to recover, requiring careful attention to skin care during winter.

CARD 2. Simple Skin Care At Home

However, for modern people living a busy life cannot put much effort into skincare. Therefore, at-home beauty devices that allow simple skincare at home are grabbing attention. Because at-home beauty devices require no professions, it provides perfect suitability for those who want simple skincare at home.

CARD 3. Globally Emerging At-Home Beauty Devices

These at-home beauty devices are hot potatoes around the world. According to the GBI research, the size of the world beauty device market grew from $2.321 billion in 2011 to $3.567 billion by 2017, which indicates the growth rate of 53.6% within seven years.

CARD 4. The Hot Potato in China: “Beauty Market”

Especially the changes in the beauty device market in China are disquieting. According to the report by China's iResearch(艾瑞咨询), the sales of at-home beauty devices were 7 billion yuan by 2017, which is 51.3% more than in 2015.

The demand for beauty devices increased among young generations. The Tianjin Trading Center in China, Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), stated that "as the consumption of buyers increased and the interest in physical appearances grew in China, China became world's second-largest beauty consumer" and added, "the trend of at-home devices where you can self-care is spreading throughout the young generation to whom trends and price are significant."

CARD 5. The Popularity of Korean Beauty Devices

Among many of beauty devices, Korean beauty devices are attention-grabbing. As claimed by China's biggest shopping festival, "Single's Day," 4,076 Korean brands, which is 16% more than last year, participated and attracted people's attention.

CARD 6. The Unique Qualification: Cellreturn ”LED Mask”

Indeed, it's worth noticing the fact that the focus of the event shifted from beauty products to beauty devices like LED Masks for the first time. Although a lot of LED Masks are launched, Cellreturn LED Mask has unique features, giving itself the spotlight.

CARD 7. The Exclusive Number of LEDs

The reason why Cellreturn LED Mask is attention-grabbing is due to the exceptional number of LEDs compared to the other products. France's Notime has 36, China's K ·SKIN has 108, and Japan's EXIDEAL has 120. In contrast, Cellreturn LED Mask has 1,026 containing the most LED lamps, which means you can see the skincare effects way faster in a short time.

CARD 8. Not Only for Face but Also Head and Neck

Cellreturn highlights its difference in not only the number of LEDs but also the range it covers. Notime and K ·SKIN are limited only for the face while Cellreturn is an open type which it is applicable on neck for wrinkles and scalp for hair loss.

CARD 9. 20 Minutes is All You Need

Moreover, shortening the time spent on managing is also an advantage. There is the law of Equivalent Exchange (paying the price to gain something in return) in economics. The lesser amount of LEDs are, the longer it takes for skincare. This is inefficient for modern people who value every second of their life. South Korea's Cellreturn LED Mask, however, drastically cut off the time spent by installing 1,026 LEDs based on safety through clinical tests.

CARD 10. We Are the “Avengers” of Skin Health

Cellreturn came up with three line-ups for each with three wavelengths: red, blue, and pink mode. The red mode is for overall skin care, such as tightening and whitening the skin, improving blemishes, and producing collagen. Blue mode is for soothing the skin, and pink mode is for preventing leaving marks after calming the skin. Also, the "fast mode," which includes all types of skincare, is the best advantage. Fast mode automatically activates the red mode for 7 minutes, blue mode for a minute, and the pink mode for a minute, providing overall care like whitening and soothing all within 20 minutes.

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