Four health functional food products for children and adult.
Four health functional food products for children and adult.
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Ildong Foodis releases effective health functional foods for intestines and eyes

CARD 1. Intestinal and eye health that modern people must manage

These days, everyone has one’s own health functional food to eat regardless of type. In particular, for modern people with irregular eating schedules and long periods of electronic use, it is important to constantly manage their intestinal and eye health.

CARD 2. Assists in supplementing DHA for children in growth phase

Appropriate consumption of health functional foods helps not only adults but also children in their growth. In particular, the DHA component assists in brain development. Hence, it is beneficial to consider taking health functional foods related to blue-backed fish such as mackerels.

CARD 3. Four health functional food products introduced by Ildong Foodis

As a result, in order to have both children and adults effectively manage their health, Ildong Foodis has enthusiastically introduced 4 health functional food products: ▲Foodis Probiotics, ▲Foodis Rutane Giazantine Astazantine, ▲Foodis DHA Kids, and ▲Foodis Omega-3.

CARD 4. Safe delivery of beneficial bacteria to the intestines!

According to Ildong Foodis, ▲ Foodis Probiotics is a liquid capsule-type intestinal lactic acid bacteria that contains both “lactobacillus,” which is important to the small intestine, and "bipidus bacteria," which is beneficial to the big intestine. Foodis probiotics offers further advantage through the activation of beneficial bacteria by containing 10 billion probiotics and ‘prebiotics’ that are food for the probiotics, which is approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS). Lastly, the probiotics can safely arrive at the intestines through the application of Korea’s first ‘4 layered coating technology.’

CARD 5. Relax eye strains and even supplement vitamins

▲Foodis Rutane Giazantine Astazantine is designed with rutane giazantine compound extract which has been recognized by MFDS to help eye health as well as astazantine which has been recognized by MFDS to help improve eye strains. In here, antioxidant nutrients such as vitamin A & E, selenium, and zinc have been included as well.

CARD 6. Easy to eat and tasty DHA supplement

▲Foodis DHA Kids is a vegan omega-3 product which is a DHA enhancing supplement for children in their growth phase. It contains 500mg of vegan DHA extracted from seaweed which is known to have more DHA than the regular refined fish oil. Furthermore, it is a fish-shaped, soft, and chewable capsule with an orange taste so that children can consume easily without discomfort.

CARD 7. Take care of your vascular health as well

omega-3 is a product that applies ‘low temperature supercritical extraction method’ which extracts without a chemical solvent and utilizes refined oil of the highest quality. Furthermore, it not only helps dry eyes but also improves vascular triglyceride, blood circulation, and memory, including vitamin E that has antioxidant effects.

CARD 8. A healthy winter season with convenient health functional food products

The manager of Ildong Foodis has claimed that “Ildong Foodis focused on launching a product that can easily manage health by combining trustworthy product quality, know-hows, and independent patent technology” and further stated that “he wishes the users to spend a healthy winter with Ildong Foodis’ health functional food products.”

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