Inner skin care for winter preparation!
Inner skin care for winter preparation!
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Huons ‘Innerset Honeybush’


CARD 1. Continuous skin concerns through the winter

As much as the summer when the sun is scorching hot, the winter also increases people’s skin concerns. During the cold and dry weather, skin not only gets rough, but also frequently becomes red and puffy due to room temperature difference from outside temperature.

CARD 2. You can manage your skin moisture by eating?

In relation to this, experts advise us that skin also requires winter preparation. But as the market for health functional foods has rapidly developed, skin moisturizing methods has started to transform as well. Ultimately, it has led to ‘inner beauty care’ which focuses on managing the inner skin first by eating tasty food products.

CARD 3. What is inner beauty?

Inner beauty is a combination of the words ‘inner’ and ‘beauty’ that aims to discover beauty from first managing the health of your inner body.

CARD 4. Confirmation of approval from Ministry of Food and Drug Safety is essential

However, in order to successfully realize the beneficial effects of inner beauty, you have to first check if the inner beauty product you plan to purchase is using functional materials approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS).

CARD 5. Huons ‘Innerset Honeybush’

Huons’ ‘Innerset Honeybush’ has used ‘fermented honey bush extract (HU-018)’, which is a 100% vegetable inner beauty material created from its public law of lactobacilli fermentation patent, as the main ingredient.

CARD 6. The effectiveness of fermented Honeybush extracts

Fermented Honeybush extracts have gained individual recognition from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety which has claimed, ‘the extracts can help skin health by protecting the skin from damages due to ultraviolet rays.’ Furthermore, according to Huons, fermented Honeybush extracts have gone through human subject research with Koreans as test subjects and proved that despite the less required daily intake amount, Honeybush extracts have either same or better improvement effects on moisturization, wrinkles, and elasticity than the inner beauty materials in the market.

CARD 7. Diverse innerbeauty products of Huons

Based on these test results, Huons has thus released diverse products utilizing the fermented Honeybush extracts. By displaying the ▲ Innerset Honeybush Red Ginseng Gold, ▲Innerset Honeybush Pumpkin, and ▲Innerset Honeybush Skin Solution, Huon has diversified its products’ shapes and components to expand the range of options for the consumers.

CARD 8. What you must remember before consuming inner beauty products!

If you have firmly decided to care for your inner skin this winter with an inner beauty product, you must carefully check whether the product has used components confirmed by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and did not use components that you are allergic to. Furthermore, it is safe to observe your body reactions for 1~2 hours after your first consumption of the product.

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