Easily portrayed ‘ash hair color’ with Dong Sung Bio Pharm’s eZn
Easily portrayed ‘ash hair color’ with Dong Sung Bio Pharm’s eZn
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Ashier hair with the ‘Shaking Pudding Hair Color’ and hair bleach ‘black removal’ line!

CARD 1. Dong Sung Bio Pharm eZn released the ‘Smoky Ash’ line

The self hair styling brand eZn of Dong Sung Bio Pharm has newly displayed the ‘Smoky Ash’ line for the representative hair dye, ‘Shaking Pudding Hair Color’ in order to take the attention of consumers with a mysterious and deep ‘ash hair color’.

CARD 2. Shaking pudding hair dye

that dyes when applied on hair like wax

eZn’s ‘Shaking Pudding Hair Color’ transforms into an elastic pudding shape when the 2 solutions are mixed. It is a hair dye that is quickly absorbed and does not flow down due to its pudding like substance.

The convenient way of usage like wax by applying it on the hair without the need for a hair brush is its special characteristic. It also has a strong point in expressing a deep and lively dye color due to including the hair-like amino oat extract.

CARD 3. Contains natural oil to reduce

hair damage

This product includes natural oils like camellia, olives, avocado oil and hair nutritional ingredients such as chamomile, aloe, and sage extracts to reduce hair damage that may occur when the hair is dyed.

Furthermore, it is noticeable that the product contains the sunblock’s OMC substance in order to protect the dyed hair from strong ultraviolet rays and maintain the color for a long time.

CARD 4. Consists of four of the most

popular hair colors in the market

eZn reflected the increasingly popular ash hair color trend and released the ‘Shaking Pudding Hair Color Smoky Ash Line’.

The Smoky Ash Line is composed of 4 of the most popular hair colors in the market, which are ‘Smoky Ash Lavendar’, ‘Smoky Ash Beige’, ‘Smoky Ash Blossom’, and ‘Smoky Deep Black’. If used after bleaching the hair, the ashy hair color can be even better portrayed.

CARD 5. Release of 2 types of

hair bleach for bleach use

eZn’s ‘black removal’ line that was released along with the Smoky Ash line has been greatly popular as well. This is because in order to portray a successfully mysterious ash hair color, bleaching is an essential process.

eZn has released 2 types of hair bleach products in order to enable a convenient method to self-bleach one’s hair

CARD 6. Display of a deeper color with a

high bleaching strength

‘Black Removal Light Up Hair’ is a product that enables both bleaching and hair color removal. Furthermore, it is the most popular product after its release for being able to perform black removal for not only virgin hair bleach but also for any hair dyed in black.

It has a high bleaching strength without any heat treatment that displays an even deeper ashy hair coloring.

CARD 7. Oil-rich cream type formulaCreamy Hair Bleach Black Removal’ is a bleaching product that is characterized by its oil-rich cream type formula.

The creamy substance can be applied on the hair softly and with balance, which bleaches the hair without any spots.

Furthermore, the package includes a mixing container for easy usage of the product as well as elastic latex gloves in order for a first time user to easily attempt at self bleaching and self hair color removal.

CARD 8. “Display of a color similar to that of a professional salon”

An associate from eZn has stated that “there has been an increase in consumers who wants a deeper ash hair color in regards to bleaching” and also commented that he is “anticipating the “black removal” line that has been released along with the Shaking Pudding Hair Color’s ‘Smoky Ash’ line.” Furthermore, he revealed that he is also anticipating how the deep ash color that was thought to be only possible in professional salons could be easily displayed by the ‘black removal’ line.

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