Looking for a beauty product specialized for dark circles?
Looking for a beauty product specialized for dark circles?
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CARD 1. Take Beauty YouTubers’ Reviews seriously?

Cosmetics have a considerable ripple effect due to word-of-mouth, and most online marketing is centered on the reviews of “Beauty YouTubers.”

The zoomed-in photos of before and after using the product suggest a particular product’s excellence from an extremely subjective point of view.

CARD 2. Dark circles disappearing within a sec? What a magical story!

Besides, they even use the expression “erase all at once,” unraveling a magical story of how dark circles and wrinkles are removed as soon as applied under the eyes.

CARD 3. Multi-functional eye cream? Should win a Nobel prize if so!

Moreover, while using ‘skin moisture meter’ to express before and after moisture levels numerically, they bravely describe the miraculous ‘multi-functional eye cream’ as ‘removes dark circles,’ ‘enhances wrinkles,’ ‘moisturizes’ which are worth the Nobel Prize.

CARD 4. Cosmetics for dark circle improvement disguise as irreplaceable products

Even with a small amount of eye cream, many products are sold at high prices, and if it has the option of ‘diminish dark circles,’ it costs more than $200 for 15ml, making the product irreplaceable.

However, the eye cream that improves the dark circles. Is it really effective?

CARD 5. What are dark circles?

Dark circle is not a medical term, but it generally refers to the dark shades under the eyes.

Some of the causes might be pigmentation due to eczema or exposure of a subcutaneous vein under the thin skin.

Occasionally, in aging process, fats under the eye either disappear or bulge, making it seem darker due to the shadows.

CARD 6. Difficulty in fundamentally solving the dark circles

Likewise, dark circles are a result of skin problems around the eyes or the natural aging process. Hence it isn't easy to find the fundamental solution without surgical or non-surgical therapies.

Even with the medical treatments, it is uncertain to claim that the eye skin problems which will occur due to the aging process are 100% solved.

CARD 7. Dark circles, insoluble with cosmetics

In times like these days of frequent meetings, I often get tired and experience dark circles under my eyes up to my chin.

It recovers if I relieve fatigue, but dark circles are a visual sign of blood circulation disorder, which is not a problem that can be solved via beauty products.

CARD 8. Taking care with a goal of skin protection

Relatively, the skin around the eyes has less developed sebaceous glands, and so it gets dry quickly. That part of the skin not only lacks the protective film to prevent external stimulus but also it is exceptionally thin, causing it to be vulnerable to irritations.

Therefore, it is hard to expect a satisfactory effect for consumers since cosmetics for the skin around the eyes use ingredients that are as less stimulating as possible.

After all, those cosmetics should be aimed at protecting the skin and preventing dryness rather than for a solution.

CARD 9. Dark circles are due to blood circulation disorders

Although eye creams for sales that emphasize on enhancing dark circles mostly contain vitamins, peptide, ingredients extracted from plants, and expensive caviar, these components do not resolve dark circles caused by blood circulation disorders.

CARD 10. Just temporarily covering up of dark circles

In other words, these ingredients are nothing more than the most common ingredients in ordinary cosmetics. Some products advertise a resolution of dark circle problems as soon as they are applied, but this is an illusion that comes from cosmetic ingredients that temporarily cover up the dark spots.

Hence, dark circles are not something that can be removed with cosmetics but are uncomfortable being that must be continuously managed and prevented in everyday life.

Next are some practical tips for preventing and resolving dark circles in daily life.

CARD 11. TIP. Ways to Prevent and Lessen Dark Circle in Daily life

Wash your skin around the eyes properly

If eye makeup is not removed entirely, not only the eye shadows but also mascara and eyeliner are left on the skin, which causes pigmentation.

In particular, waterproof cosmetics have strong durability, so they should be wiped clean with a specialized cleansing product.

CARD 12. TIP. Ways to Prevent and Lessen Dark Circle in Daily life

Provide moisture around the eyes

To prevent dry skin after washing the face, apply toner onto the skin, and then use a cream with high oil, moisture content to prevent moisture loss around the eyes.

CARD 13. TIP. Ways to Prevent and Lessen Dark Circle in Daily life

Periodically put eye masks on to relieve fatigue quickly

Slice the cucumber or aloe from the fridge into appropriate sizes, put it on the eyes, or pour toner on the wet cotton and cover the eyes with it to relieve skin dryness and eye fatigue.

CARD 14. TIP. Ways to Prevent and Lessen Dark Circle in Daily life

Always put sunscreen on and wear sunglasses on the way out

Sunscreen prevents pigmentations by protecting from skin damage due to intense UV rays. Moreover, putting sunglasses on help shielding the eyes and skin from the UV rays.

CARD 15. TIP. Ways to Prevent and Lessen Dark Circle in Daily life

Don’t rub the eyes

Unavoidable usage of smartphones and PC adds onto eye fatigue, and various heaters worsen xerophthalmia.

These make it easy to develop a habit of rubbing your eyes unconsciously, so you should consciously refrain from touching or rubbing your eyes.

CARD 16. TIP. Ways to Prevent and Lessen Dark Circle in Daily life

Frequently massage around the eyes

Stimulate the acupuncture points around the eyes using fingers, allowing the blood to circulate smoothly and relieve eye fatigue.

CARD 17. TIP. Ways to Prevent and Lessen Dark Circle in Daily life

Don’t sleep on your stomach

Sleeping in a prone position stimulates the skin around your eyes.

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